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We build your success on the strategies we've used to build our own success.
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The Things We Can Do

Lacerdo has the experience to transform your small business into a thriving enterprise. Our focused approach to your digital marketing needs means that we’re experts in the services we offer. Our goal is to meet your expectations. We achieve our goals by understanding what you want to achieve as a business and how you project your growth according to a marketing plan.

Our digital marketing strategies are based on data, creative intuition and well-researched results. The foundation of the campaign that we create in conjunction with your brand is ‘growth’.

Let us find the potential in your:

  • ECommerce
  • Paid Media
  • SEO
  • Content Marketing

We study your data, industry and competitors to ensure that we can identify your ideal customers. Our strategy involves nurturing leads, placing your brand in front of your audience and securing the relationships and sales that will grow your business towards the success that you envision.


The Things We offer

Lacerdo negotiates on your behalf. You need the right support systems to bolster your productivity and expansion to grow in business. You can achieve rapid growth with optimal results by outsourcing some of the core businesses that you are not an expert in.

We research, source, negotiate and contract the tech services you need to achieve your business goals with scalable expansion and within realistic budgets.

Our resource negotiations and sourcing are focused on core industry providers such as:

  • Phone Services
  • Web Hosting
  • Content Optimization Tools
  • Email Marketing

We find the providers offering the best services to suit your business needs, now and in the future. We work to understand your contracts, commitments and obligations so that you can focus on growth while we take care of negotiations.


Work with Lacerdo experts and transform your business prospects.

Entering the digital space as a merchant can seem inviting. However, without expert guidance, the world of online sales can fast become complex and overwhelming.

Many small businesses find rapid success but lack the skills and knowledge to manage the increase in demand and subsequently fail due to the pressure.

Work with Lacerdo experts and transform your business prospects.

  • Strategic Marketing
  • Marketing Funnel

We teach your core team how to manage the market in ways that support your business growth ambitions while focusing your message to ensure the best possible results based on your goals.

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About Us

Lacerdo is a team of digital marketing and eCommerce experts from B2B and B2C industries.

We formed the company intending to improve client awareness of online marketing opportunities and how to develop sales strategies.

We see our future online and want to be part of the wave that establishes the guidelines for the digital marketplace.

Our aim is to provide smaller brands with access to the best digital marketing services.

We fulfil this promise by providing excellent consulting and agency services that push brands to the front and centre of the industry.

If you are interested in growing your business following sustainable and scalable digital marketing methods, contact Lacerdo today to start the next phase of your journey.